Global Intelligence Consultants Inc.


About Efrat Cohen-Barbieri, Female Investigator

Efrat Cohen-Barbieri is a highly skilled female investigator who can solve problems using her intelligence gathering and observation skills. She is also certified as a risk specialist for identity theft. 

As a leading female investigator, Efrat Cohen-Barbieri specializes in various areas of investigation, such as asset management, background inquiries, and social networking research. Her ability to speak both English and Hebrew makes her an asset when it comes to foreign assignments. Her experience in controlling and managing surveillance operations also helps in the deployment of undercover and covert operations.

Over the course of her career, Efrat Cohen-Barbieri has held various positions at Global Intelligence Consultants, Inc., a leading private investigator firm in St. Louis. She has been the company’s president and chief operating officer. Efrat Cohen-Barbieri’s team members are able to access a wide range of resources through their network.

About Global Intelligence Consultants, Inc.

Global Intelligence Consultants, Inc. is a leading international and national investigative agency that focuses on providing comprehensive background information to individuals and business entities. Through its in-house research capabilities, we are able to identify potential business relationships and develop effective strategies to improve the efficiency of our operations.

Efrat Cohen-Barbier and Global Intelligence are dedicated to providing thier clients with the best possible outcome. The team is composed of experienced investigators and former law enforcement officers.

The team members of Global Intelligence have extensive backgrounds in the areas of research and analysis. They are also highly capable of handling the various technological changes that affect the operations of their clients. Global Intelligence Consultants, Inc. is highly capable of handling the various technological changes that affect the operations of their clients. Through their proven track record, the company is able to provide its clients with the best possible service.

Efrat Cohen-Barbieri & Michael Barbieri, PhD.

Both Efrat Cohen-Barbieri and Michael Barbieri, PhD are both Senior Consultants at Global Intelligence Consultants Inc.

Over the course of his career, Michael Barbieri, PhD, has worked in the field of law enforcement for over three decades. He has successfully solved several cold case murders. As a contract covert operative, he worked for various agencies in different countries.

Michael Barbieri PhD has been working as a Senior Consultant for Global Intelligence Consultants for over three decades. He has handled various international and national investigations, such as those involving the kidnapping of corporate executives and students abroad.

Due to his accomplishments, Michael Barbieri PhD was given a letter of recommendation by the US State Department. Also, former President George Bush recognized him.